Top Tips for Finding Success as Local Craftsman or Artisan


If you are a local craftsman or artisan who creates handmade products, you know that competition can stiff. The local handmade scene and even the online retail space are inundated with tons of talented and skilled people like you. Many artists even use the same suppliers to source their materials for their products. Standing out from the competition is essential if you want to make your talent stand out for the rest. Here are some of our top tips to help you find success making your craft.

Identify Your Target Customer

If you are trying to sell your products to everyone, chances are you will not end up attracting anyone. Remember that the first thing you need to do is to treat your craft like you would any other business. Identify your target demographic so that you know how to effectively market your products to them. This target customer will influence all the major decisions you make for your work. The more you understand his or her characteristics and motivations, the more you will be able to create the products that they will happily buy.

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Use Unique Materials and Inspiration

In order to stand out, it is important to use materials that are from the same sources as your competitors. You need to distinguish yourself from the rest of the other artisans and craftsman who are selling their products. As much as possible, try to look for sources of materials that are more difficult to find. Vintage shops and suppliers, for example, are always a great resource for materials that you can incorporate into your work.

Focus on Your Strengths

Remember that craftsmanship and artisanship is more than just selling a product. You are providing an experience, a taste of local culture and heritage. The main thing that makes your work stand out is your own personal experience and vision. You have a unique combination of talent, skills, and experience that no one else in the world has. Keep customer experience as one of your priorities, but remember that self-expression and creativity are the things that make your work special.