How to Get Your Handmade Crafts into a Shop

A lot of artisans and craftsman typically sell their work online or in local craft fairs. Although this is definitely a great and effective way to do your business, there are definite benefits to getting your items up in brick and mortar stores in your locality. You can expand your sales and even keep your revenue up even though times are slow. Here are some of the things that you need to remember if you want to get your handmade crafts sold in a local shop.

Your Sales Pitch

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Although many stores may be willing to take on some of your pieces on a trial run, most stores need some convincing, especially since investing in your items involves a considerable risk for their business. Work on your sales pitch. Never try to bring in your items without an appointment. Have a business card ready during your first scheduled meeting and ask for a business card.

Your Prices

Handmade items are usually sold at a much higher price point in brick and mortar stores. If the shop you are considering is trying to keep their prices low, your work may not be a good fit. Make sure you do your research thoroughly before choosing a seller. Be prepared when the shop asks for pricing details. Make sure that you also firmly establish your minimums. For example, the shop must buy a minimum number of items or spend a certain amount before they can avail a discount on your prices.

The most important thing to remember is to price your items correctly for wholesale and consignment. Keep in mind that by selling through another shop, you avoid paying certain types of expenses such as overhead costs and the salary of salespeople and staff members.pillows

Your Product

Make sure that you are confident in your pieces. Never ever tell a shop owner that you are having trouble getting rid of your stock or that you cannot sell them through your own online shop. Branding and presentation are also essential, so make sure that there is sufficient information about your work online.

As you have already experienced, selling your own crafts may actually be a bigger chore than usual. Sure, you can simply go ahead and convince yourself that your work already speaks for itself. Or, you might also want to make the claim that your reputation as an artist is one that already precedes, and hence, should not require selling anymore. However, you know for a fact, too, that in the real world, things just don’t work like that, honey. Whatever work that might be, at the end of the day, you are going to have to learn to sell it. And in order to sell it, you need to convince people that it’s worth buying, after all.

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